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All about my art


I have always been fascinated with art. Since childhood I have been captivated by the uncontrolled colours and lines that make up a beautiful picture.


In preschool I started practicing mixing colours until it made sense to me. In primary school I would draw pictures in my spare time, sometimes adding a cute letter and addressing it to my parents, older sister and teachers.


Until we moved to a town known for it's extravagant beauty in both it's nature and residents, art, to me, has only been something in the background. Hartbeespoort had the biggest influence on me and my art; being filled with rich culture, inspiring artists and lush green hills.

There, in high school, is where my love for art grew- I took Visual Art as a main school subject. I started taking art seriously and sold my first art piece at the age of 16!


After school I skipped college and university and sold most of my artwork, which inspired the idea to become a full-time artist. Art has become more than a hobby by then - I was completely addicted to the mix of freedom, tranquility and satisfaction I experienced while colouring my dreams and ideas on canvas. It makes me feel like I am really good at something I love, and I earn an income at the same time. Even though I have yet to find my own personal style, I find joy in each and every painting style I have used thus far.


My biggest wish is to keep creating art until the day my soul leaves the earth. The corporative world is draining but art keeps ones spirits up and is relaxing enough to do on a daily basis.


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